CityMatch/NEAR Collaborative exists to make safe, stable, and nurturing environments a reality for ALL young children in Snohomish County, Washington through a united approach to care and support.

Committed to supporting and elevating community efforts

Our members are committed to breaking free of silos to work together toward the purpose that unites us. We seek to bring the power to the people by supporting and elevating existing community efforts, partnering with local leaders and policymakers, and maximizing available resources.

Purpose-driven operations and governance

The operations and governance of the collaborative are stewarded by six members of our Anchor Circle, each filling specific roles. Backbone support is provided by Duet Dynamics. Our operating model is designed to make wise use of the time, energy and expertise of all members.

Our members-at-large are committed to the purpose and engage in projects, events and other activities as appropriate to their expertise, availability, and interests.

Join us!

If you’re interested in learning more the collaborative, contact us. Inquiries about membership are welcome!

Community members and representatives of many local agencies comprise the membership of the collaborative. Organizational members include: Beneficial State Bank, Child Strive, Everett Public Schools, Leadership Launch, Everett Housing Authority, United Way of Snohomish County, and Snohomish Health District.