Week of November 5, 2018

Happy Friday, Collaborators!

Fiscal Agent: As reported last week, ChildStrive has agreed to be our Fiscal Agent with Sarah Pulliam filling that role in the Anchor Circle. We are in the process of making the role official. Thanks for Sarah and ChildStrive!

Circle Clarity: We’re making some changes to the circle structure to clarify the relationship between the Anchor Circle and the Membership. See page 2 for a peek at the proposed structure.

Website!: Phase 1 of our website is underway – yippee! You may recall that we were going to come up with a new name before we start the website, for now we decided to hold off on the new name in favor of getting the site going sooner. Short cycles, incremental steps! Beginning with next week’s Update, you’ll be able to find them here:https://citymatchnear.org

Health Fair Update: The Nov. 17 Health Fair is shaping up to be a fun and impactful event! OurCollaborative is designinga “Passport” to provideto attendees. If your organizationhas swag, brochures or giveawaysplease let Felicia know by 11/14. She can arrange for pick up. To promote theHealth Fair, Felicia and Kia attended 3 church serviceslast Sunday and Sadie will attend 3 more this Sunday. We’d love to have you join us! Please letSadie know if you’reinterested in supportingthe churchoutreach.

Till next week!